Hands up, don’t shoot

By Mary Engelbreit

The Art of Chris Maynard . Feather Designs

Chris Maynard’s feather designs capture essences of birds in Featherfolio’s new, creative feather art form. Each feather design is placed in a shadowbox and uses feathers naturally shed from birds. 

dog philosophy



A must-read: The Murder of Black Youth Is a Reproductive Justice Issue
Art via Repeal Hyde Art Project


I was waiting for this.

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Vintage Travel Posters Capture Pakistan’s Romantic Side

Loom band craze is an ‘eco ticking timebomb’



British newsletters and posters in regional Indian languages called on the public to support Indian troops in their fight ‘for India and for Empire’. Propaganda films shown to British audiences featured footage of Indian soldiers – ‘our dusky allies’, as one title went – to signify the unity within the Empire in its fight for freedom. Moreover, the treatment of Indian soldiers in the Brighton Royal Pavilion hospital provided a unique propaganda opportunity to reiterate the narrative of imperial benevolence.

read more about india’s experience in ww1 on this site containing extensive documentation, videos, and images.

I will most definitely be looking through this site and hopefully sending some of the literature my professor’s way ^.^

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Remembering the past: Bangladeshi fighters for Palestine of the 1980s

Interesting read.