Jul 05


Remembering the past: Bangladeshi fighters for Palestine of the 1980s

Interesting read.

Great response from Gosford Anglican church to Tony Abbott’s idiocy.


You Are Triggering me! The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma by Jack Halberstam

Challenging blog from Jack Halberstam, well worth a read.

"Is this the way the world ends? When groups that share common cause, utopian dreams and a joined mission find fault with each other instead of tearing down the banks and the bankers, the politicians and the parliaments, the university presidents and the CEOs? Instead of realizing, as Moten and Hearny put it in The Undercommons, that “we owe each other everything,” we enact punishments on one another and stalk away from projects that should unite us, and huddle in small groups feeling erotically bonded through our self-righteousness.”

Jun 28

Turning a teen refugee’s story into a comic

"With comics, people can project their own experiences on to these simple drawings and make them their own."

How Racist is Australia? Pretty Damn Racist. -



This is my response (originally published in Crikey) to Mark Sawyer’s article ‘How Racist Are You’ published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald last week (

Dear Mark,

As a comedian I very much appreciated your…